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Arthritis and Rheumatology
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Arthritis Gold Coast

There are many forms of Arthritis- the most common types are ‘Osteoarthritis’ and ‘Rheumatoid Arthritis’.

Many people believe that there is nothing that can be done to help those who suffer with painful arthritis, but that isn’t the case. The Foot Stop Podiatry pride ourselves on being ‘the podiatrists who really care’ and we aim to provide a comprehensive assessment and professional treatment.

Our podiatrists understand the effects of arthritis on the lower limbs and feet and can develop treatment plans to help you stay active and manage the progression of arthritis. We want to take the pain away from stiff ankles or a sore bunion so that you can continue to walk, dance or play sport and enjoy life.


Bunions are an enlarged arthritic bony lump at the base of the big toe joint and cause the movement of the tip of the big toe towards the second toe. It can be a painful and debilitating condition and is caused by a mix of genetic predisposition, poor footwear choices and activity.

You can care for your bunions and reduce the chance of them worsening by choosing suitable footwear, maintaining a healthy weight, foot hygiene and living a healthy lifestyle.

A Gel Bunion sleeve may help to reduce the skin irritation over the bunions when wearing footwear- these can be found at your local podiatrist or pharmacy.

Bunions can slowly grow and worsen over time and may cause corns, callous, neuromas and arthritis in lesser toes- which is why it is important to see a podiatrist.
We will offer a correct diagnosis, and management plan which may include an exercise and stretching programme, footwear improvements and customised orthotics to redistribute pressure from damaged tissues and rebalance the foot.

What are some of the symptoms of Arthritis?

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What happens during a podiatry assessment?

Your podiatrist will examine the pain and movement in your joints and assess your footwear to ensure it is giving you the support you need. We work together to create a treatment plan that will suit your feet and your lifestyle. Part of that plan may be creating customised foot orthotics, a strengthening and stretching programme, and reviewing your footwear choices.

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