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What we offer

We offer personalised orthotics to ensure children, adults, seniors, and sports athletes can treat the issue at hand, improve foot function and relieve pain. At our Gold Coast Podiatry Clinic we prescribe 3D printed, customised orthotics on a regular basis.

Orthotics Gold Coast

Children’s Orthotics

Our children are the future! We aim to improve foot function, alignment and stability. Children’s orthotics can be of huge benefit in ensuring healthy development. Your child’s foot health is imperative to maintain a healthy developing body and should be treated by specialised health professionals.

At our Gold Coast Podiatry clinic our children’s podiatrists are experienced in prescribing orthotics for children of all ages. 

Adult’s Orthotics

Here at The Foot Stop, we are able to help reduce pain and increase mobility for those people who have ongoing foot and leg issues. Many foot issues can be treated with customised orthotics and through correct diagnosis and management, we can prevent further damages occurring to the body by offloading and supporting the foot structures when required.

Orthotics are used in our Gold Coast Clinic to help treat many common adult foot conditions as well as prevent further damage, like arthritis occurring.

Sports Orthotics

Athletes’ feet are put under a great deal of stress every day. The feet are expected to suffer much more strain, pressure and movement than the normal adult foot. Many athletes who are finding themselves struggling to meet a personal best, or just finding that they are not recovering as quickly, may benefit greatly from sports orthotics in conjunction with a customised rehabilitation exercise programme. Orthotic devices can help your feet and legs function more efficiently when worn inside your sporting footwear or athletic shoes. As a result, muscle function can improve and can reduce fatigue.

What are orthotics?

Orthotics (or foot orthoses) are a medical shoe insert which improve alignment, cushioning and function of your feet and body. They are prescribed by podiatrists to treat abnormalities, instabilities and pain; often alongside exercise programmes and other treatment modalities.

Each orthotic is customised to your needs, designed and 3D printed to ensure precision treatment. We are one of the world leaders in 3D printing full colour custom orthoses.

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Our podiatrists have extensive experience in creating orthotics to suit all foot types at our Gold Coast Foot Clinic.

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