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Children's Podiatry

Being parents, we know how important it is for our kids to be enjoying life, free of pain and foot instability.

Children’s feet are constantly growing and changing until the late teenage years. A child’s foot is a complex structure of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles undergoing rapid development. It’s imperative to be proactive in caring for our kids feet to prevent complications later in life.

Whether you want a check up to ensure the feet are developing correctly, or are concerned about a specific issue, we provide a compete range of services for children from birth to into adulthood.

Childs Podiatrist

Issues we commonly see as a pediatric podiatrist include:

When should you visit a children’s podiatrist?

If you’re becoming concerned about your child’s feet or legs then you should seek advice from our children’s podiatrists. The paediatric podiatrists at our Gold Coast Foot Clinic are warm and friendly making sure both you and your child are at complete ease when you visit us. 

Along with the common issues we treat listed above, other concerns for you to see a children’s podiatrist include unusual gait patterns, flat feet, uneven shoe wear, poor posture, or instability. If you do suffer from any of these issues, scheduling a consultation with one of our children’s podiatrists is paramount. It is important for our growing children that their foott health is taken care of to prevent issues later in life. We treat children of all ages at our Gold Coast podiatry clinic.

However, if you feel your child would be more comfortable at home – we can also provide an in-home visit.

Children’s Orthotics

Our children’s podiatrists may prescribe orthotics to treat your child’s foot issues. Orthotics may be able to improve foot and lower leg function to enable your child to function and grow as they should! Orthotics are particularly helpful in redistributing stresses and strain off the legs to alleviate muscle and joint imbalances in children.

Gold Coast Podiatrist

Experienced Children's Podiatrists you can trust

Our children’s podiatrists are highly experienced with children’s feet and adopt a thorough approach when it comes to your child’s feet. All our podiatrists offer nurturing and quality paediatric foot care and understand the impact growth causes in certain conditions and the benefit of early intervention. With the benefit of being a Home Visit Podiatrist you can be assured your child is at ease with us.

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