Corns Calluses and Everything in between

Gold Coast Podiatrist

The topic of today’s blog post, brought to us by podiatrist Anjila Reddy, is one of the most common foot problems that we see – corns!

A lot of us are either directly affected or know someone affected by these pesky little things. This blog will aim to answer some of the most common questions we get asked by clients regarding corns.

What is the difference between a Corn and Callus?

Essentially, think of a callus as an area of thickened hard skin found in areas of high pressure. This thickened hard skin is typically yellow in colour.

A corn on the other hand is a smaller cone-like formation of thickened hard skin, caused by pressure and a twisting force. As corns often have overlying callus, it can be difficult to the untrained eye to tell the difference.

So, what causes it?

Although corns can present in people of a variety of ages, we find they present more so in older people. With age, changes of alignment in the foot including hammer/claw toes and

bunions, loss of the cushioning fat pads under the foot, and thinning of the skin make the formation of corns more likely. The other big contributing factor is footwear. A shoe with an inappropriate fit, broken/scratchy seams, or a style that places pressure on susceptible parts of the foot is a recipe for corns and callus.

To reduce your chances of developing corns, the first thing to do is to make sure your footwear is the right size and style for your foot. Feel around the inside of the shoe regularly to make sure there are no loose or broken seams. If you need assistance to find footwear that is suitable for you, give us a call! We carry many different styles and sizes which offer the extra depth often required.

What does an appointment for a corn look like?

We understand that having an appointment with someone for the first time can be quite nerve-wracking, especially for something that may have been causing you a lot of pain.

Typically, a corn can be treated simply and effectively by your podiatrist. We have the instruments and the skills to reduce your pain quickly and easily; and will create a plan that will manage the problem moving forward.

Will my corn go away after one appointment?

Often the removal of a corn can be described as instant relief! However, while we wish it could last

forever, in most cases the corn will come back, if the pressure or causative factor has not been reduced.

So, what can you do for your corn in between appointments?

After the corn has been removed, it will come back UNLESS we change the cause. This will mean assessing your foot and your footwear to determine the factors contributing to your corn, and potentially making recommendations on footwear or orthotics to alter the way pressures affect your feet.

In cases where the corns are caused by your foot shape, we may supply you with interdigital toe sleeves or toe props which aim to reduce pressure and twisting forces. In some cases this may stop the corn from ever coming back again, but in the vast majority of cases this will provide you with extended relief between appointments.

If this is you, or someone who you know- book in to see one of our friendly podiatrists today!