Custom Orthotics and Inner Soles

For people with a variety of foot conditions, custom orthotics may be required. These conditions include structural anomalies such as bunions, corns or calluses. If you have severe foot pain, stand for prolonged periods, have gait abnormalities or a bad back from poor posture, you may need orthotics. What are orthotics and inner soles? It is especially important to choose the right footwear as a baseline. Good shoes don’t have to be broken in and shouldn’t have ‘downtime’. Orthotics are specially made devices which are tailored specifically for a person’s foot. These are materials designed to support your feet while preserving the natural curvatures of your foot, minimising discomfort and preventing the formation of corns and calluses. They ensure much-needed weight distribution. Orthotics come in a variety of materials and designs and are made to suit your specific needs. Orthotics therapy is specialised with proven efficacy. Orthotics are designed to prevent and reduce foot and ankle pain. Inner soles provide support and cushion the feet. They take the weight off your feet. Literally. Unlike custom orthotics which are designed with optimal biomechanics of the feet, innersoles (insoles) are more “one-size-fits-all” type of thing. Additionally, innersoles provide only a slight degree of small arch support for your foot, unlike the custom orthotics with their wide range of potential benefits. Podiatrists and Orthotics Podiatrists employ orthotics in the treatment of numerous foot problems. These include, but are not limited to tendinitis, diabetic foot ulcers, foot, ankle, and heel pain, plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel), and bursitis. Podiatrists use their knowledge and skillset to design, manufacture and give advice about custom orthotics and innersoles. Using computers adds precision and makes for reproducible results. Treatment is tailored to suit your specific needs. A qualified podiatrist will first assess you to determine the alignment of the foot with other body parts. Afterwards, they’ll determine the appropriate measurements for you. The measurements gotten may be filed away for future reference. Your podiatry specialist then goes ahead to make custom orthotics for you based on your peculiar needs. Are they worth it? Definitely! They improve balance and enhance athletic performance. They provide comfort for the foot while fighting off foot pain. Also, they help to reduce pressure on some parts of the foot and even up to ankle, knees, and the back. Need to get some orthotics or Gold Coast Podiatry? Book a podiatry appointment today At The Foot Stop, experienced podiatrists are available in the Gold Coast to provide custom made, good quality and durable orthotics on short notice. Also, get consultations with AHPRA registered Gold Coast podiatrists to figure out the best orthotics for you. REFERENCES
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