Should I take my child to a podatrist?

As parents, we make every effort to ensure our children get the best attention and care they need to grow and flourish. The first day at school, their first medical check-up, and their first visit to the dentist are some of the milestones. But what about children’s feet? Your child may experience issues and imbalances that require a visit to a kids’ podiatrist.

But how to know when to see a children’s podiatrist?

Reasons to Visit a Children’s Podiatrist

  • Complaining of leg or foot pain
  • Experiencing sporting injuries like sprained ankles and knees
  • Corns, calluses, and warts on feet
  • Nail conditions: toenail infections, ingrown nails, differently shaped nails.
  • Balance problems; tripping and falling, not keeping up with their peers when running, refusal to complete certain tasks (as they may struggle due to weakness)
  • Appearance of the foot – low or high arches, inward or outward turning feet
  • Differences in walking – toe walking, limping
  • Footwear advice

Struggling with Social Activities

If your child prefers to stay inactive and finds it difficult during rigorous play or sporting activities, you may need to visit a children’s podiatrist. You may think your child is sedentary or lazy, but instead we often find they may have foot, ankle or lower leg issues that do not allow them to participate in social and physical activities like other kids do.

Flat Feet

Flat feet or ‘low arches’ is a common issue which may result in challenges being active. Visiting a kid’s podiatrist is the best course of action to assess, diagnose and treat the issue at hand. It can be normal for toddlers to have flat feet, while they’re developing, but if you have concerns your local podiatrist will be able to help.

Tripping and Falling

While it is common to see small children tripping over, especially while they are learning to walk, it might also indicate that they have some muscle imbalances. A children’s podiatrist will be able to use fun games to assess, diagnose and treat these issues. We regularly utilise fun exercise plans or customised orthotics to support their growing muscles and bones.

Foot Pain

Children may complain of feeling uncomfortable while barefoot or even wearing their shoes. Children can struggle to articulate feeling pain, and can instead ‘act out’, limp, act irritated or refuse to complete any active tasks. Parents often report this can be worse in the afternoons when the child is tired. Visiting a Children’s podiatrist can really help the child to meet milestones and create a treatment plan that allows the child to thrive and get back to a pain free life quickly and easily!

Get in touch with a Children’s Podiatrist today

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