Footwear Innovation: Nike Flyease


Nike has become a household name whether it be for sportswear, sponsoring the biggest athletes in the world or creating the shoe that Eliud Kipchoge used to break the incredible two hour mark for a marathon. Nike have recently released new innovations that make life easier for those with mobility issues.

Flyease is Nikes’ new innovation to make our everyday life that much easier. They have designed three products that have made shoes “hands-free”.

The three different variations of Flyease are:

  1. Step In: Slipping your feet into lace up shoes without unlacing first damages the heel counter and will wear out your shoes quickly. A heel counter is the plastic cup that sits at the back of a shoe that helps with stabilising the foot during movement. The new Step-In feature has meant that we can slip shoes on and off without damaging that important heel counter.
  2. Pull tight: Pull Tight is a pulley-like system where you pull the front of the shoe to tighten it around the top of the foot. The Nike Air Valormax 2020 Flyknit also incorporates a pulley for the back of the shoe to help with heel stability.
  3. Zip up: Nike has managed to make a shoe that has a hidden zip on the top of the shoe. This makes the shoe easy to put on for children or adults who struggle with laces.

Overall Nike have created a shoe that is ahead of its time. The new Flyease is trendy, easy to put on an off, andaccessible for everyone. They have combined technology from 57 years of research and testing to bridge the gap between elite athletes and every day people.

Personally we can’t wait for these shoes to hit the shelves so we can try them out for ourselves!

Click the image to see the Flyease Step In feature in action!