Taking care of your feet on an Active Holiday

Foot Health

You could probably get away with mostly sitting during non-holiday periods. This is especially true if your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day.

Regardless of your job description, add an active holiday to the mix and you’ll find yourself walking all over the place, which can lead to discomfort or injury to the feet.

Below is The Foot Stop’s recommended tips for taking care of your feet during an active period:

Don’t skimp out on good quality shoes

Generally, super cheap shoes don’t have the greatest quality. Do you know what they do to your feet? They chafe and squeeze them, and they might not be breathable. Go for quality shoes, especially walking boots with a soft insole that can absorb shock from walking about in different terrains.

Get some customized extras for your shoes

Insoles are especially great during an active season. It can provide you with extra support. Instead of just getting some insoles and stuffing them into the shoe, go the extra mile and talk to a podiatrist about getting you some custom orthotics. This might just be the best decision you make this season.

Put on some socks

Not only do these cocoon your feet in a warm blanket but also they reduce the friction between your feet and the shoes and they wick moisture away from the skin. Go for the right ones. Cotton socks are excellent, cheap options that are never out of season.


Good shoes should have some room between your longest toe and the top of the shoe. Don’t let your toenails fill up that space. Trim your toenails down to a reasonable length to avoid getting hurt.

Protect pressure points

Using moisture-resistant tape to cover pressure points of the feet – the ball, the heel, and the big toe – is a great trick in protecting your feet. It is highly beneficial in preventing painful blisters from forming on your feet.

Avoid dry feet

Dry feet equals friction which equals blisters. Keep your feet moisturized and soft. You should do this before going to bed at night and in the morning before putting on your socks and boots/shoes. If you’re wearing socks, go for soft and plush socks after moisturizing.

Rest your feet

Any opportunity you get to rest your feet, do so, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Sit down a bit and remove your socks and shoes. Give your feet a quick rub and just relax a little. This will feel great and also help your feet recover from all the walking around.

Do the above and you’ll have done your part in getting healthy feet during busy periods. In need of more professional care? Reach out to the Foot Stop Mobile Podiatry Clinic, your local Elanora Podiatrist on the Gold Coast.