Footwear Series: What Makes A Good Shoe?

Shoe for Orthotics

Join us on our footwear series as we teach you how to choose what shoes are right for you!

This video focuses on the features that make up a GOOD shoe! By using three simple tests, you can walk into any shoe store and determine if the shoe might be supportive for you.

The features of a good shoe include things like:

  • Enough depth and ‘wiggle room’ in the toe box
  • Flexion of the shoe where your toes naturally flex
  • Support through the mid-foot and heel counter
  • Arch support, or a removable inner-sole
  • Good fixation (laces, velcro, etc)

In this series, we will also show you a video of features to ‘avoid’ when looking for good footwear, whether its for work or for recreation- so keep your eye out for that one!